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Bad Pilcrow
What's a Pilcrow, you ask?
It's that funny-looking backwards P with two stems - the paragraph symbol (¶). Just like the break between paragraphs indicates that a writer wants to change topics, our studio wants to change the way you think about games. Clever, eh? Eh?!

It's already begun. Our most recent game, Vanessa Saint-Pierre Delacroix & Her Nightmare, has collected some pretty prestigious accolades of late: Best Design in the 2010 Independent Game Developers Competition, Professional Finalist in the 2011 Indie Game Challenge, and Finalist in the 2011 PAX 10 showcase.

So, if you've ever longed for the strange and wonderful games of your childhood, lamented at the over-abundance of war-inspired first-person shooters, or thought maybe, just maybe, video games could be BETTER, more INNOVATIVE, and more FUN, then we might just be the company for you!

Mission Statement
This is the part of the website where we get all formal and businessy. Ahem... "Our purpose is to continuously enhance the casual indie gaming experience through titles that blend artistic expression with fun, independent philosophies with approachability, and ingenuity with effortless usability - regardless of scope." BOOYAH!
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