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Not Without You
Not Without You
• Finalist, PAX East 2012 Boston Indie Showcase
Hesperides Pilcrus, a curious diurnal species.   Small groups, or concerts, reportedly dwell in the more accessible woodlands of the Pacific Northwest.   Of note to the interested crypto-naturalist is the way in which all Pilcri behave in unison.   What an individual does, the whole group will do.   Working collectively, a concert of Pilcri are rumored to have escaped the well-secured laboratory of one Dr. F. W. Nervoso.   Of course, Hesperides Pilcrus being an imaginary species, no evidence of this event actually exists.   Except, as you might have guessed, for this game.  

  • 27 Brain-Twisting Story Levels
  • 18 Bonus Challenge Levels
  • Built-in Level Editor
  • Dozens of Downloadable Levels
  • 15 Diabolical Achievements
Coming Soon to Various Platforms
  • Windows PC
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Xbox LIVE Indie Games

Shot #1
Shot #2
Shot #3
Cut Scene
Shot #4
Level Editor

Design and Programming, David J. Sushil
Lead Artist, Samantha Poslinski
Character Animation, Noah Scammon
Narration, Pierre Richard Borges II

Tondu, by The Northern Block
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