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Snail Shot Torpedo
Snail Shot Torpedo
Xbox LIVE Indie Games
"The quality of presentation in this game was high, much better than many IGF entries I've seen this year..." - Independent Games Festival Judge, 2010

As night falls over Bahi de los Muertos, the rogue scientist Calypso DaVinci is frantically putting the finishing touches on his latest invention - the Torpedo Slingshot. And thankfully for mankind, his device is in working order not a moment too soon! For somewhere in the depths of the bay, a Horde of Zombie Snails is about to attack. Now, the only thing standing between us and slow, slippery annihilation is a crazy old man and his greatest achievement.

Snail Shot Torpedo is a casual defense game. Players control DaVinci's slingshot, lobbing torpedoes at incoming waves of zombie snails. Battle through sixteen epic levels! Encounter six diabolical snail variations and four huge bosses! Defeat the evil lurking at the bottom of the bay, and save your island home from destruction!

"Ok, so Snail Shot Torpedo is a little odd, but it's also a good amount of fun." - gaygamer.net

"Good concept, nicely presented..." - xnPlay

"Snail Shot Torpedo sets a new twist on the Zombie game theme..." - Emuholic's Game Blog


Story Trailer


Shot #1
Shot #2
Cut Scene
Shot #3
Shot #4
Boss Battle

Design and Programming, David J. Sushil
3D Art, Cliff Kamarga
Illustrations, Kyle Leavitt
Narration, Pierre Richard Borges II
Additional Programming, Jonathan J. Conley

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