Start making augmented reality games today.

AR Rig makes it easy, providing Unity developers with a no-hassle, drag-and-drop solution. Once assigned a camera, AR Rig automatically displays the user’s webcam feed and utilizes available sensors (including GPS) to provide the user with a window into another world.

Minimal Setup

Drag the prefab into your Hierarchy, and assign it a camera. That's it! AR Rig handles everything else. It even compensates for devices that lack a gyroscope, falling back to gestures if necessary.

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Comprehensive Solution

AR Rig activates and displays the user's webcam, orients the in-game camera based on motion sensors, and tracks real-world position data via GPS, so your players can finally catch 'em all.

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Solid Documentation

Interested in exploring AR Rig's more advanced features? We got you covered. As game developers, we understand the importance of having access to good documentation.

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sushil_headshot David J. Sushil

David J. Sushil is an award-winning game developer, Lead Instructor Online at The DAVE School, and indie enthusiast with over a decade’s worth of experience teaching game and simulation programming. His signature title, Vanessa Saint-Pierre Delacroix & Her Nightmare, was awarded Best Design in the 3rd Independent Game Developers Competition, was selected as a Professional Finalist in the 2011 Indie Games Challenge, and was an official PAX 10 selection at the 2011 Penny Arcade Expo. A follow-up title, Not Without You, was selected for the 2012 Boston Indie Showcase at PAX East. Sushil’s games have been highlighted both in print and online, and he has appeared in interviews broadcast on the G4 television network. Zoo Publishing’s IndiePub website named him one of its 2011 “Devs to Watch.” In 2012, Sushil co-founded Indienomicon to raise awareness for independent games developed in Orlando. Through a series of monthly events, dozens of local games have been showcased at Indienomicon, appreciated by crowds in the hundreds. Sushil holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida, and a Masters degree in Modeling & Simulation from the same.

corey_headshot Corey Cochran

Corey Cochran is the sole proprietor of ThatWhichIs Media, an independent game development studio dedicated to making meaningful video games which connect with players on deeper emotional levels. ThatWhichIs Media has published numerous mobile titles, including Those Devils Ducks, Knifey-Spoony: The Video Game, thepoint, and Time To Die: Adventures.  In addition to game development, Corey is a co-founder of Indie Galactic Space Jam, an organizer of Orlando’s Downtown Global Game Jam, and an Indienomicon volunteer.  Corey acts annually as Technical Director of the Florida Film Festival.